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DreamHack Rotterdam 14-16 October 2022 | Rotterdam Ahoy

Stream Studio

From 14 to 16 October the gaming community will meet in Rotterdam Ahoy for the ultimate gaming and esports festival DreamHack Rotterdam. There will be lots of ways to meet and mingle with people from the gaming scene. For example in the Stream Studio where visitors can watch and meet popular streamers.
A Stream Studio is always an important part of a DreamHack event. Ward Geene (Streamdoctors) coordinates the Stream Studio during DreamHack Rotterdam. Like in 2019, there will be an open area where streamers can livestream on Twitch or YouTube. In the centre of the event streamers who want to meet their fans and fellow streamers will get a unique opportunity to show up in Ahoy. A number of people will be invited directly, but in addition, from today, registration is open to every Dutch or foreign streamer. 

New this year: IRL Backpack

The Streamdoctors IRL Backpack makes it possible for content creators to stream/vlog IRL. The backpack offers better image and audio quality than a mobile phone and is easy to use. Your phone can thus be used for reading the chat so it does not overheat and you can go live all day. The Streamdoctors IRL Backpack holds up to 3 SIM cards (and can connect to Wifi if available). These SIM cards can be from different carriers and are automatically bundled together so that you have a more reliable connection.

The Streamdoctors IRL Backpack streams on DreamHack Rotterdam to an OBS machine in the Stream Studio. As a creator, you can install your overlays on this, so that you can show all reports and visuals as you have at home. If you want this, make sure you have everything you need to install it.

Sign up here for a spot! 


Game Pass Collaboration

If you want to do something for your community during the streams in the stream studio - then Microsoft has a present for you. You can play and stream games via Game Pass, the amount and what you play is up to you, but 1-2 hours is appreciated. Microsoft will gift you with a 12 month Game Pass Ultimate subscription and additional 10 x 3 month Game Pass subscriptions that you can give to your community during the streams for free.

Enjoy with Game Pass hundreds of high quality games, including incredible new games on day one from Xbox Game Studios, as well as iconic franchises from Bethesda Softworks, indie games, blockbusters, and more. Something for everyone with new games arriving every week. Discover your next favorite game and share the experience with your community on your stream from DreamHack. Have a look here for titles that you might like to play: https://www.xbox.com/xbox-game-pass/games


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