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DreamHack Rotterdam 14-16 October 2022 | Rotterdam Ahoy

About us

RTM Games Week is the premier gaming lifestyle event of the Netherlands. Rotterdam Ahoy is both organizer and promoter of the main festival 'DreamHack Rotterdam' for which it holds a partnership with DreamHack in Sweden. The festival is to bring gaming and esports fans, both casual and hardcore players, the best possible show in terms of esports, expo, LAN and all kinds of activities for the digital generation to get involved and participate in. 

Together with the City of Rotterdam and various stakeholders, Rotterdam Ahoy is aiming to change Rotterdam into the gaming epicenter of the Benelux for an entire week with all kinds of  different activities around the city, ranging from business events to exhibitions, education and sports

It all started back in 2016 when Rotterdam Ahoy was the host of the League of Legends Spring Finals and saw the impact and the bright future of esports. After extensive research and visits to all kinds of events around the world, Rotterdam Ahoy decided to deposit the Rotterdam Games Week brand in 2017 and to focus fully on a future organization of an esports and gaming event. To this end, Ahoy concluded a collaboration with DreamHack in the summer of 2018, which led to a first edition of DreamHack Rotterdam in 2019, as well as the connection of the city of Rotterdam and various organizations in Rotterdam with the ambition to become the esports capital of the Netherlands.

We are confident to see more and more gaming fans and great esports coming to Rotterdam annually in October for the ultmate gaming experience. Join us. Come out and play!