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DreamHack Rotterdam 2022 | Rotterdam Ahoy

Online OMEN LAN Party

The Omen LAN party ensures three days of online gaming fun with online tournaments. Instead of the traditional LAN where gamers gather in one place, gamers will be able to connect with each other from home. This is an online alternative to the LAN Party that was meant to take place at DreamHack Rotterdam in Rotterdam Ahoy this yearThere will be room for around 2.000 gamers online who can participate in different competitions at different levels for 48 hours! A ticket for the Serie A and B competitions is required.  You can check out the time schedule, the platform on Kayzr where the party will be held and all competitions and games below. Ticket sales have now ended.




The Online OMEN LAN Party has various levels of competitions: the master competitions (with a prize pool of € 7.500), the advanced competitions (with great hardware prizes, provided by OMEN) and several fun competitions that you can participate in to win lottery prizes. 

LAN Party Serie A, master competitions | Cash prizes

LAN Party Serie B, advanced competitions | Hardware prizes


LAN Party Leagues, fun competitions

Lottery prizes