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DreamHack Rotterdam 14-16 October 2022 | Rotterdam Ahoy

DreamHack Rotterdam 2019 Cosplay Championships

20 June 2019Activities

Game characters brought to life on stage in Rotterdam Ahoy

Gaming and cosplay go hand-in-hand. Nowadays there is no great gaming event without fans dressing up as their favourite character. Cosplay brings the world of games and fantasy to life and as a subculture and performance art is getting bigger and bigger. Now added to the program of DreamHack Rotterdam 2019, people can be amazed about the professionalism of the spectacular contestants for the Cosplay Championships to be held in Rotterdam Ahoy on October 19 and 20, or join the competitions.

Two types of competitions will take place at the main entertainment stage at DreamHack Rotterdam 2019 during Rotterdam Games Week. Firstly, a walk-on/walk-off competition on Saturday October 19th and secondly an act performance competition on Sunday October 20th. The difference between these competitions is that the walk-on/walk-off will be judged mainly on the costume, while the competition on Sunday strongly focuses on the act with which the character is brought to life. A total of 25 participants per day can take a shot at the prize pool of 1,000 euros.


Both competitions will be organized by the renowned Dutch Cosplay organizer Duh-Cosplay. Cosplay photographers Jeroen Weimar Photography and Vincent Lee Fotografie will join on both days to ensure high quality photos of the participants, while big cosplayers like Team Paraluna, Wayne’s Workshop and Team MMMC will join as the judges.

More information on the DreamHack Rotterdam 2019 Cosplay Championships and how to participate: www.rotterdamgamesweek.com/cosplay

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