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DreamHack Rotterdam | Rotterdam Ahoy

Join us at the DreamHack Rotterdam 2022 Cosplay Championships

08 September 2022Activities

When bringing the world of games and fantasy to life, what better way to explore than through cosplay? Flaunt your personal twist on your favorite character’s fashion in style in the stage’s spotlights. So start preparing your costumes or just come experience the spectacular contestants in attendance this October during Rotterdam Games Week in Rotterdam Ahoy. We have two different competitions to compete in, a walk-on/walk-off competition and an act performance competition. The big difference between these competitions is that the walk-on/walk-off on Saturday will mostly be judged based on the costume’s craft, while the act performance competition on Sunday will be based on performance and re-enactment.

  • There is a great prize pool for both competitions and a total of 25 participants per day can participate. 
  • Duh-Cosplay will organize both shows. Videographer Viet Nguyen Productions as well as photographers Jeroen Wolf Photography and Vincent Lee Fotografie will join us on both days to ensure high-quality photos and videos of the participants. 
  • Bringing in two cosplayers from other countries to judge the participants. Our first judge will be  Asumi from Slovakia. Asumi won most of the international cosplay qualifiers in her country since 2018, showing a diversity of skills like sewing and foam-smithing and stage performance skills like singing, role-playing, and voice acting. Thanks to these achievements she was able to show her work abroad in the United Kingdom and Portugal. 
  • Asumi will be joined by Stickweeds Arts and Crafts from Denmark. As a full-time blacksmith, Stickweeds has won multiple DreamHack shows in Sweden (among others) by forging the most realistic armors out of real metal.

Saturday, October 15th: The Walk-on/Walk-off competition
The first competition will start on Saturday at 15.00 with the prize ceremony close after the show. Get on stage, show your moves and flaunt your costume, and perhaps you will win part of our € 1,000 prize pool

Sunday, October 16th: Act Performance competition
The second competition will start on Sunday at 15.00 with the prize ceremony close after the show. The winner of the best act performance of up to 2 minutes will be chosen during this competition. We again have a total prize pool of € 1,000 to give away. 

We look forward to seeing your amazing new cosplay! You can sign up for one or both competitions by filling out the form.  After signing up you will receive an email confirming your participation. As a confirmed participant, you will receive a free ticket to DreamHack Rotterdam 2022 for the day you’re joining.

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