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Platform live for online OMEN LAN Party

13 November 2020LAN

From November 27 - 29  an online version of the LAN which was meant to take place at DreamHack Rotterdam this year, will take place on gaming and esports platform Kayzr. During the OMEN (LAN) Party you can play online tournaments. Game with your friends from home and have a chance to win some great prizes! 

Times, games and tournaments are now confirmed! The platform is live: you can find all games, tournaments, leagues and time schedule over on lan.rotterdamgamesweek.com. 

There are 3 levels of competitions to be played at the online OMEN (LAN) Party. In what competitions do you want to participate? The exact rules are also available now.

More information on the online OMEN LAN Party can be found here




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