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DreamHack Rotterdam | 15 - 17 October 2021 | Ahoy

10 reasons why you can't miss DreamHack Rotterdam 2019

16 October 2019News

Do you like to game? Then you shouldn’t miss out on DreamHack Rotterdam this weekend. Why? Well here are 10 reasons why you should definitely come to Rotterdam Ahoy!


1. First DreamHack in the Netherlands!

This is the first time that DreamHack comes to the Netherlands with its big esports tournaments. Moreover, it is the first time that a DreamLeague Dota 2 tournament is played in Europe! Teams that are competing for the $250,000 prize pool are Ninjas in Pyjamas, Alliance, TBD, Team Liquid, Flytomoon and Demon Slayers.


And of course the DreamHack Open CS:GO tournament with a prizepool of $100,000 can’t be missed either with the competing teams Avangar, Besiktas, Forze, Asterion Esports, Ex-Dreameaters, Heroic, CR4ZY and Havu Gaming!


Both tournaments come directly into the top 5 esports tournaments with the highest prize pools in the Netherlands.


Other tournaments taking place are Brawlhalla Esports $ 30,000 and smaller tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Melee and Ultimate as well as Tekken 7.


2. Gaming Expo with lots of prizes

There will be a Gaming Expo with lots and lots of amazing booths and even more prizes to win and things to do! Check out the website to check all the activities at the Gaming Expo.


Some of the organisations present at the expo: OMEN by HP, GameMania, Logitech G, Doritos, Monster Gaming, LG, Alternate, Ubisoft, Samsung, Trust Gaming, Total Mayhem Games, Ministry of Defense, PlayStation, Mercedes Benz, Immune-It, MSI, Hogeschool Rotterdam, RIG, VR-arcade, NACON, Cool2U, Deloitte, Astro, 2K and Estatic Arts.


Games that can be played at the booths are amongst others: Borderlands 3, CS:GO, Overwatch, Mariokart, Fortnite, VR game Zombie Apocalypse, NBA2K, Formula 1, CTR and Super Smash Bros.!


3. 48 hours non-stop gaming fun at the Trust Gaming LAN Party

The Trust Gaming LAN party ensures 48 hours of non-stop gaming fun at Rotterdam Ahoy! With various levels of competitions: the master competitions (with a total prize pool of € 13,500 over 5 games), the advanced competitions (with great hardware prizes) and several fun competitions this is going to be awesome for the contestants as well as the visitors to see!


Secure your seat and join the party!


4. Indoor Drone Racing

An amazing extra to  DreamHack Rotterdam is the Dutch Championship Indoor Drone Racing! With a Fun Race on Friday where you can fly the exact same track as during the Dutch Championships on Saturday and Sunday. Who doesn’t want that? The finals for the title Dutch Champion Indoor Drone Racing will take place on Sunday. Find out more about the program on our website.



5. The European Championship SpeedQB Airsoft

Another championship that is taking place in Rotterdam Ahoy during DreamHack Rotterdam is the EC SpeedQB Airsoft. On Friday you get the chance to try Airsoft yourself! Be sure to sign up on time at the NABV area on time if you are interested as there will be a limited number of people that can participate! Saturday is the Qualification Day for the Final on Sunday. Who will become the European Champion?


Read more about the EC Airsort SpeedQB on the website.


6. Cosplay Competitions

The world of games and fantasy comes alive  in the DreamHack Rotterdam Cosplay Championships. Watch as the contestants bring their favourite characters to life in the best costumes!


There are two types op competitions. On Saturday the contestants will be judged mainly on their costumes and on Sunday the competition is an act performance competition, this competition focuses on how the contestants bring their character to life.


7. Meeting your favourite streamers at the Stream Studio

There will also be livestreams all day long by your favourite streamers at the Stream Studio. The streamers that will be going live on their channels from Rotterdam Ahoy are:


Kaosape, Stalkerkoffie, Mathia, Raqotaco, Dinoricar, WebbieXL, Georgefaralley, Notarez, Ilonda, Diamantjewel, Yarasky, MR Adrian, kcNL, BirdMaster, Tren, callmeeva_, Mr4Damage, Samuraistar, GamerGeeks, xcoldnight, Dommylol, Fems, Littlegirl, GoatRush, Eskea, ClumsyMomoro, Issythe1, CobraPJ, Monkeloid, PeperTV, Saar, Shannanina, thomasthesapling, Morrog, Kratt, Mssh, AboekraCity, Partypooper, SpookiMan8, Melania, JoostSpeeltSpellen, MiesLWD, Emmasnorkel, GoldencobraNL, x_izza_x, Kaakmans and OWranje (the Dutch Overwatch team participating at the World Championships in two weeks), Cohony, hellohaha52, Princiipee, Moraltis, Archomedicus, BraggGaming, sejecem, daphne_tof, Madestout, Kaakmans, Jasey Rae, thejan11, Egbertlive and naughtypenut.


8. The fun  program at the Doritos Mainstage!

There are lots of cool activities at our Doritos Mainstage. Win amazing prizes and join the meet & greets and Q&A’s with YouTubers vThorben, Ronald,  Paraduze, JoostSpeeltSpellen, Maxime MXM and the Mansion! Also DJ Leroy Styles will play live sets and you can go cheer on the FIFA20 players at the Esoccer Championship FIFA 2020.


9. That festival feeling

DreamHack Rotterdam is not an expo, not a esports tournament or a LAN on its own, but a festive event for all gaming enthusiasts to meet-up and experience the online community off-line. Hang out with friends, enjoy the good food at the foodtrucks area and all the activities taking place.


10. The best deals

Looking for new gear? Check all the booths and go to the Alternate Pop Up Store. There they can help you with all your hardware questions and the best deals. GameMania has games on offer and there are merchandise booths too!


You really can’t miss DreamHack Rotterdam 2019! So gather all of your friends and come to Rotterdam Ahoy this weekend, get your tickets and come out and play!

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