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OMEN by HP presenting partner DreamHack Rotterdam 2019

21 May 2019News

Rotterdam Ahoy is proud to present OMEN by HP as the presenting partner of DreamHack Rotterdam for 2019. OMEN by HP, the gamers-exclusive hardware brand, is already involved with several DreamHack events all over the world. The collaboration will continue to bridge the gap between the online community and live events where gamers come to play, battle and cheer together.


During the event, taking place at Rotterdam Ahoy, 18 - 20 October, the international esports teams will play on OMEN by HP hardware on the mainstage and there will be plenty of opportunities for visitors to play together or against gaming influencers at the HP stand. Moreover, OMEN by HP will be involved in other parts of the weekend too. 


"We are very pleased to have reached an agreement with OMEN by HP. As passionate supporters of the gaming community, their brand and products are a perfect fit,” said Jolanda Jansen, CEO of Rotterdam Ahoy: "OMEN by HP is a brand known for its quality, innovation and deep commitment to the gamers’ community. We are looking forward to work with HP to make DreamHack Rotterdam an event gamers will never ever forget.


"We introduced our OMEN by HP brand to enable everybody to enjoy gaming to the fullest, regardless of gender or cultural background and both professionals and gaming enthusiast. Though a large part of gaming takes place online, we always seek ways to organize or sponsor live-events to bring gamers together.”, says Hjalmar van Veen, General Manager Computing HP Nederland.


Rotterdam Ahoy, DreamHack and OMEN by HP share a passion for esports and gaming and are ready to connect to inspire the audience, to help gamers perform and provide an amazing experience.

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