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DreamHack Rotterdam 14-16 OCTOBER 2022 | Rotterdam Ahoy

Second edition DreamHack Rotterdam rescheduled to 2021

10 August 2020News

Following other big esports & gaming events, organiser Rotterdam Ahoy had to decide to not go through with DreamHack Rotterdam in 2020, which was meant to take place from Friday October 16th to Sunday October 18th. The big esports competitions and gaming expo will be rescheduled to 2021. However, the possibilities to proceed with the LAN Party this year are still being explored, as well as other possible online and offline events.

"It is with a heavy heart that we had to make this decision. Because the response of the fans, industry and other stakeholders towards the first edition of DreamHack Rotterdam was extremely positive, the vibe to organise an even bigger and more fantastic second edition was definitely there, amongst everyone”, says Erika Bronkhorst, Manager Events at Rotterdam Ahoy. "But with COVID-19 a lot of uncertainty still exists and the international character of the event makes it complicated. Both the esports teams and the gaming brands are reluctant to participate. Therefore, we had to decide that it is not possible to organise a high quality second edition of DreamHack Rotterdam this year.”

Today DreamHack’s Headquarters in Stockholm announced that the remaining DreamHack Festivals in 2020 will be postponed. DreamHack Rotterdam, DreamHack Hyderabad, DreamHack Atlanta, DreamHack Winter and DreamHack Madrid will not take place this year. DreamHack Co-CEO Marcus Lindmark states that they are committed to bringing back the festivals in 2021. In the meantime DreamHack will continue to innovate and connect with fans, offering online tournaments such as DreamHack Open Summer ($300.000) and DreamHack Open featuring Fortnite ($1.750.000) and providing weekly gaming lifestyle content.  

Keeping gamers connected
Under the flag of RTM Games Week possibilities to keep gamers connected will continuously be explored. Recently, Rotterdam launched the 'Summer of Esports’, in collaboration with Sportscloud, House of Esports, RTM Games Week and involved partners of the living lab. A complete summer program of esports including dance battles (Just Dance), FIFA Challenge, E-Tour Rotterdam (Zwift), VR Experiences and various sports simulations. More information on other online or offline events will follow.

Tickets DreamHack Rotterdam
Fans who have already bought tickets for DreamHack Rotterdam can rest assured: all tickets will remain valid for 2021. The possibilities for the LAN Party still taking place in 2020 are being looked into and more information will follow soon. Ticket holders can hold on to their tickets and eventually view them in their Ticketmaster Account.
DreamHack Rotterdam 2021 will take place from Friday October 15th to Sunday October 17th.

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