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What the heck are they doing? - free webinar: kids and gaming

12 May 2020News

How can you avoid frustrations, discussions and arguments about gaming and ensure that sleep, study, sports and social life are given priority? An important question, especially during the corona crisis; in which there seems to be more time for gaming. Koen Schobbers, ambassador of RTM Games Week, is a specialist in this field and offers an online training for educators for free on May 18 and May 21 at 20:00 hrs. The webinar will be held in Dutch.

Do you recognize one or more of the following situations?
1. Not knowing much about gaming 
2. Playing police officer
3. Shouting at dinner
4. Imposing rules to control gaming behavior
5. Experiencing frustrations, discussions or arguments

Then this free online training is ment for you!

This is what you will learn during this free live online training:
1. The 3 wrong ways that many educators with children playing and what to do about them
2. The only 3 simple steps to achieve your desired situation
3. How to grow closer to your child and build a close relationship without frustrations, discussions and arguments

When you register you now also receive for free:
- download a PDF with 5 recommendations to learn more about what your child is doing & to keep a child in balance
- access to a 'conscious gaming' module
- access to the Parents of Play Community, giving you a chance to win free tickets for Dreamhack Rotterdam in October for you and your child

You can register via this link.

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